Shiva's Embrace

Twintania ⋅ Empyreum ⋅ W3 P56
Fridays from 7-9 PM ST

Welcome to Shiva's Embrace!

Shiva's Embrace is a tavern inspired by the masonwork of House Dzemael, combined with the flair of the Skysteel Manufactory. We welcome roleplayers to stop by and make immersive connections within the lore of Hydealyn. Please respect the netiquette:✓ Our venue is SFW only
✓ Minions and weapons within your RP are allowed
✓ Respect boundaries
x Do not use skills inside, no combat
x Shout or Yell chat is for employees only
x Avoid OOC chatting (as little as possible in brackets)
x No table service. Please place your order at the bar counter.
Join our discord for news, carrds and screenshots:

non alcholic drinks

Ishgardian Tea – 100 G
Classic Ishgardian Tea, brewed by boiling yak milk and dried Coerthan tea leaves.
Chamomile Tea – 100 G
A delicately fragranced infusion brewed from tiny yellow chamomile flowers.
Apple Juice – 80 G
Juice freshly squeezed from shiny red mirror apples.
Orange Juice – 80 G
Hand squeezed by the bare hands of a Roegadyn.
Espresso con Panna – 150 G
Originally not even part of the menu, but the highly requested cup of coffee with a highly varying quality.
Hot chocolate – 150 G
Made from finest Kukura powder, sweet cream and a pint of love.
Water 0 G
A glass of ice cold water. Certainly not a good choice in cold Coerthas, but it's free.

spirituous beverages

Beer – 200 G
For the simple minded – no worries, we won't judge you. (Or maybe we will?)
Red Wine – 200 G
Wine as red as the bloody war we left behind us.
Whiskey – 200 G
Sit at the bar, get drunk, cry about your ex. It's okay, buddy, we are here for you.
Mead – 200 G
Difference between waking up in your bed and waking up in a cold trench is one mug.


Shiva’s Echo – 350 G
A cool and sweet tasting beverage that will leave you both refreshed as well as wanting for more.
Hraesvelgr’s Song – 350 G
A spicy and strong beverage that will warm you from the inside. (Drinking more than two at own risk!)
Lover’s Embrace – 350 G
A sweet and not too strong appearing beverage to make sure you’ll rather get drunk in your lovers gaze than from your drinks. (The alcohol will show its effects a bit later, so it’s suggested to always wait a few moments before ordering another round.)

foods and snacks

Dark Pretzel – 100 G
No need to lick your rock of salt seperately anymore. Sprinkles of salt are included.
Knight's Bread – 100 G
A tasty roll made from freshly grinded wheat. (Not just for Knights.)
Cornbread – 100 G
A warm bread made from cornmeal ground by hand and topped with a dollop of melting butter. This crumbling slice of perfection pairs well with milk or any drink, for that matter. (Trust us, you’ll want one.)
Nut Bake – 100 G
When life gets complicated, try a simple nut bake. Won't solve your problems though.
Sohm Al Tart – 300 G
A delicious dessert, shaped and named after the home of our dragon friends.
Ishgardian Muffin – 300 G
Not just a Muffin but an Ishgardian Muffin. A true delicasy made of the finest ingredients. Note: Asking the staff about the difference between an Ishgardian Muffin and an ordinary Muffin at own risk.
Shepherd’s Pie – 300 G
Not made by a shepherd, not made with sheeps and not a pie. Delicious antelope shank covered with mashed popotoes and baked in a golden, buttery pie crust. (Still, not a Pie.)
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – 300 G
Tender meat wrapped inside a delicious cabbage leave. Eating on a date not recommented.
Lentils and Chestnuts – 300 G
Straight from Gridania, made with finest Ishgardian wine. (You won't actually get drunk from this.)
Dzemael Gratin – 300 G
Devastated by the choice of foreign food? A highborn might choose the good old Dzemael Gratin then.
Dhalmel Fricassee – 300 G
Tired of being called a giraffe? Eat one for a change.

Bunk Beds – 80 G, per night
Get the full hostel experience by sharing a room with multiple strangers. What can go wrong?
Private Room – 160 G, per night
Not willing to take any risks and prefering to sleep in your own little room? (literally)
Feel free to book one of our four available private rooms.
Note: doors cannot be locked.

the sleepy embrace

Tired and far too exhausted to go all the way back to the forgotten Knight? Worry not, because Mistress Vivibravos thought about everything.No matter adventurer, traveler, or poor lad or lass who had too many of our delicious drinks, we have plenty of beds in our newly created Inn area.You get to choose between a bunk bed and a more private room with a single bed.
Note: Sleeping in the top bunk after having too many drinks, at own risk.